Who We Serve

Client Centered

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds from business executives, tech entrepreneurs, to teachers, and stay at home moms.  The vast majority of our clients are hard working people that have prioritized saving, and value professional advice.

Though some of our clients are very financially savvy, many are not and prefer to work with an advisor that can keep the financial jargon to a minimum.  When dealing with such weighty subjects, our sense of humor can help lighten the mood.  We are here to listen to you, guide you, and help you work towards the future you envision.

We focus on working with newly independent women.  Whether through death or divorce, a newly independent woman has a lot of decisions to make that can feel quite overwhelming.  We help break down the choices into manageable pieces, dealing with urgent matters first, and delaying non-urgent decisions.  It is crucial to have good advice when making decisions that can last the rest of your life!

Our deep experience and time in the industry has afforded us the ability to work with those clients that have already reached a certain amount of success.  The minimum to work with our firm for a client household is $1,000,000.

If you would like an experienced, caring, and diligent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ on your side, consider contacting us for a complimentary initial meeting to see if we are a good fit.