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Acorn to Oak Tree Planning Process

How do we help nurture your success?

Not every acorn becomes an oak tree.  Depending on your needs, together we will develop and, where appropriate, implement a financial plan to help you pursue your goals.

Step 1:  Initial meeting

  • What do you need
  • How do we help our clients
  • What is the cost
  • Is there a fit
Step 2: Discovery

Step 2: Discovery

  • Data gathering of all relevant information including, but not limited to:
    • Investment and bank statements
    • Home & mortgage information
    • Spending plan/ cash flow
    • Social Security statements, pension statements
    • Insurance statements including: Life, Home, Car, Liability, Disability and Long Term Care
  • Defining and prioritizing of long and short term goals

Step 3: Initial Finding

  • Can be good news, or further prioritizing of spending and savings goals
  • Interactive “What If” scenario planning until we find an acceptable scenario
Step 4: Plan Presentation

Step 4: Plan Presentation

  • Presenting plan after any initial changes/adjustments
  • Presentation of suggestions for action
  • Presentation of strategies to implement
<p class="">Step 5: Implementation

Step 5: Implementation

  • Investments chosen
  • Allocations selected
  • Applications completed
  • New behaviors started
Step 6:&#160; Monitoring &#38; Progress Reviews

Step 6:  Monitoring & Progress Reviews

  • Annual reviews of progress towards goals
  • Performance reporting
  • Proactive contact from us if changes are needed
  • As life changes, plan adjusts
  • Monthly newsletter with updates
  • Proactive communications when markets are challenging
  • Educational opportunities throughout the year
  • Summary letters of important meetings including action items