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Women & Money Webinar - Taking charge of your financial future  (45 minutes)

LPL Financial Client Account Link - Access all your accounts with us through this one link.

Women's Choice Award 2014

The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die - Here is a good article from The Wall Street Journal on all the documents you should have in place, and why.

Women and Retirement Savings - The United States Department of Labor put out this helpful publication regarding the reasons that saving for retirement matters especially for women. There are also many helpful links to other publications and resources.

Official Social Security Website - Look here for information on Social Security benefits and information.

Social Security - What Every Woman Should Know - This link gets you to Social Security's electronic booklet What Every Woman Should Know. This booklet covers your potential benefits as a single, married, divorced or widowed woman. As a benefit that you cannot outlive, it is extremely important you understand and maximize your benefits over your lifetime.

7 Reasons There is a Looming Retirement Disaster - The biggest, but most underreported, financial story in America is the looming retirement disaster. Eighty million baby boomers are approaching retirement, and most have absolutely no idea what's going to hit them. For them the financial crisis isn't over. It's just about to begin.

How to Take Money Out of a 529 Plan - This is a helpful article from the Wall Street Journal on how to withdraw money from your savings now that you child is going to college.